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Pinterest Clone Features

Pinterest Clone Features
Easy monetization, as one-two-three

Your own
Pinterest website

Pinclone is built on WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world. Installing Pinclone is extremely easy since on-screen instructions are provided. Moreover, Pinclone is highly extendable via WordPress plugins.

What Pinclone offers

It combines a complete series of Pinterest’s functions along with an eye-catching responsive design and easy monetization methods. Build your own Pinterest community in minutes!

Pinterest Clone Features
Awesome support
Pinterest Clone Features
Easy Monetization
Pinterest Clone Features
SEO-optimized code
Pinterest Clone Features
Easy Customization

Build your own community

Pinterest Clone Features
Register your domain

Give life to your Pinterest community idea. Register your own domain and apply a basic hosting package to it, so you can Install WordPress and Pinclone.

Pinterest Clone Features
Install Pinclone

Download Pinclone and read our fast installation docs. It will take only five minutes to have Pinclone correctly set up, up and running!

Pinterest Clone Features
Apply advertisements

Register or use your existing advertisements through an ad network. No matter of the network - Pinclone can accept HTML/JavaScript ads in multiple positions.

Pinterest Clone Features
Sit back and enjoy

Now its time to relax, watch your community grow day by day and your passive income getting bigger and bigger. Easy, eh?

Explore Users' Experience

Frontend possibilities

Pinclone delivers great user experiences. It transforms your website to a Pinterest community, allowing users are able to share their ideas, brands, pictures, website’s links via pinning onto an interactive board, post comments, interact with others, get notifications, pin priced gifts & more, just like Pinterest!

Its engagement is huge and if offers monetization methods via a built-in ads system. Users can log in/register via social networks & pin things from remote websites, local computer, or using “Pin it” bookmarklet etc.

Plethora of functionalities

Backend possibilities

Pinclone offers a complete series of Pinterest’s functions and great opportunities for modifications like custom logos, styles, headers, banners etc.

It is based on Bootstrap framework (used even by Twitter), in order to perform super fast in every webhost.

Its requirements for hosting are minimum. It can run really smooth on every server and it stores your users’ details for marketing purposes. As a WordPress theme, is allows you to add WordPress plugins to your website as well.

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